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Little Leon's Goodtime Kiddie Garage Band

School year 1976, my friends Leon Olguin and Joel Roberts and Tim Murphy got together and made a 3 3/4 ips mono reel-to-reel tape of some funny songs.

The San Pedro High School Demented Music Research and Support Club was in full swing. The crowning achievement was "Garage Sale" which the good doctor played and which an enourmous petition (I think over 2,200 signatures but my memory is weak on this point) got it to number one. That number one spot earned it a spot on the Top 50 at the end of the year, but the song got relatively little airplay outside of that.

Olguin on his future in song-writing: "Yes, but not in demented songs because they don't pay."

Garage Sale

Say is this the right place for the garage sale? It sure is, you came to the right place.

Well, what've you got? I've got a few nice little items here.

I've got ice cream bars that are flavored like mud, Full-length posters of Elmer Fudd,

frozen asparagus on a stick and a bag of barf to make you sick.

I've got brand new clocks that don't tell time, books of poetry that don't rhyme,

and a girl whose name is Stout who would not take the garbage out.

How did she get into this? Oh well.

I've got garbage disposals that'll eat your hand, I've also got a 20-piece band,

got some olives and one pimento and a 90-foot statue of Dr. Demento.

Got a '52 nash and a couple of houses and 94 traps to catch your mouses,

a ouiji board for a really good seance and a dartboard made of Captain Chaos,

a 40-foot ape that's really hairy, an autographed rock from Merry Mary.

Yield signs that also say stop and spitoons.

Yes, here they are, marked down, full and ready to drink.

Just pop the top and glop glop glop... Free.

I've got batman busts in pink or red and you can wear them on your head.

a couple of cases of steel and flint and a bushel of Liberace belly button lint.

Got marshmallow dust and old gym lockers and grandfather clocks that are big tick tockers.

Cans of beer that got no fizz and boxes of wigs that all have frizz.

For castles, I've got a moat and a nanny goat that has a sore throat.

A palm tree leaf and an oak leaf too and a constipated dog that won't go doo do do do do.. do do.

Helps keep your yard cleaner, less work.