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Shaving Cream

Magic Mountain, Summer of 1975, Dr. Demento taped his show in front of a live audience.

Roto Rooter Goodtime Christmas Band - Magic Mountain

As part of the stage show, Jungle Judy and Captain Chaos went out into the audience and picked volunteers to come up on stage and sing Shaving Cream. Jungle Judy picked me! Out of the huge crowd - I got a free D-Shirt and D-Ploma. The words of the chorus were typed onto a slip of paper that I kept as a souvenir.


I was in the audience all day. If you have a copy of Dr. Demento's Delights, you can spot me in the audience. That shot was taken earlier in the afternoon. By 7:30, when it was time for the top 10, the crowd had thinned out but we all cheered IT'S TOP TEN TIME at the tops of our lungs. Off mike, Dr. D called us "15 people who sound like 500."

Bill Burk In Middle Of Crowd At Magic Mountain